Weight Loss/INCH Loss Obesity can be genetic hormonal or due to unhealthy and sedentary lifestyle. Due to time constraint people are unable to join GYM or indulge in any sports or outdoor activities. Hence in our clinic we help people to loss weight by decreasing fat percentage and increasing metabolism through machines. Treatments

  • U-Lipo / Laser Lipo
  • Heat Therpy
  • Diet management ​

Body toning/Tummy /Arm/Thigh Tuck

Body Toning is basically tightening the skin and reducing the sagging. In this treatment we target fat reduction from a particular area like Tummy, Arm, Thigh.

  • Treatment
  • Rf Tightening

Anti -Cellulite

Cellulite is a modification of the skin due to excess secretion of hormones like estrogen seen in female post puberty.
we offer exclusive cellulite laser treatment without any side -effects.

  • Treatments
  • U-Lipo
  • EMS
  • RF therapy
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